Sarah Jane

Leaving school in 5th year and moving up to Dublin was hard and I felt under pressure to prove to people that it was the right choice for me. The plan had been to join another school and complete my leaving cert but I felt I was not confident to have to start fresh again at a new school.

Working in a pub made it hard to motivate myself to do something with my life as I was used to earning my own money now and going back to school or taking part in a course meant losing out on that. I had decided to go to FAS and look at my options about doing a course and decided to take part in one but the course I had chosen didn’t start for six months. Knowing I’d get back into a rut and lose interest by the time that course came around I was advised to look into something that was available to me straight away.

 I was told about Pitman through a friend of mine and she highly recommended looking into the courses they had on offer. I got my appointment and had a meeting with Roy and left extremely excited about the information I had learned about Pitman courses. I decided to do the Legal Secretary course and enjoyed it very much so although I did take a break to go travelling for 3 months, Roy and Maria were not long about getting me back in and motivating me.

 I was also lucky enough to experience doing some work experience for a well known solicitor in Dublin. I am now working in what I like to think is my first real job and I have never felt happier. Not only did doing a Pitman Course give me a qualification but it also gave me confidence and made me realise that I can do anything I want if I work hard enough for it.
Sarah Jane Connery.


---Sarah Jane ---