While on holidays last September I found out that I lost my job as cabin crew. Absolutely gutted about losing a job I knew however that it wasn’t the end of the world. I felt that the lay-off would be inevitable and so when it finally did happen I felt the weight being lifted off my shoulders. So between my holiday and brothers impending wedding the following week I happily lived in denial and kept going.

As soon as I lost my job I knew I would want to do something straight away to become employable outside the airline industry. Although I have a marketing degree, my work experience was limited to cabin crew and a few part time jobs that I had in college. I looked up courses online and found a Pitman Training Centre located near me. I liked the look of the courses and the fact that they covered Microsoft 2003 and 2007.

I visited Roy and Maria in the Pitman Training Centre and they went through the range of courses available. They gave me some confidence by reassuring me that I would get a job. I decided to do the Executive PA Diploma as I felt I had the skills for the job i.e. hard working, organised, communicational, etc… the only thing I felt missing were the computer skills and experience.

I really enjoyed my time in the Pitman Training Centre and when I didn’t understand something I could ask a friendly and patient staff member to help. More importantly than even learning new skills, was the routine of having somewhere to be every day and this helped keep me focused on my long term goals.

As I was getting closer to the end of the course, Roy and Maria advised me of a PA  position. I applied for this and to my delight was called for and interview. Before the interview Roy and Maria gave me tips for my C.V. and did a mock interview with me which I think increased my confidence for the real thing. A few days later after the interview I was offered the position which was a big achievement especially considering it was my first interview.

I’m now working in an administrative role but getting trained as a Personal Assistant. For me this is the best approach and a great opportunity to he trained in such high standards considering my lack of office experience.

Starting a course in Pitman was great career decision. Although I ‘am a positive person, there’s no denying times are hard and people will tell you in not so many words that you’ve no chance for getting a job but I found in the Pitman Training Centre there is no such thing as can’t. They looked for the best in me and saw my potential. Hearing about other people getting jobs within the centre was also very motivating.

I’m now in the job nearly 4 months and it’s like I’ve always worked here. On one hand it’s a big transition to go from air to office but on the other hand I feel like I’m still the same person I was while cabin crew except now I have computer skills. I’m still professional, timely, helpful, and chatty and enjoy a cup of tea.

Looking back it’s evident that I made a good decision to do the course but ultimately a positive attitude despite all the negativity is what brought me here. 

---Ciara , Malahide. ---