Grainne McDermott

My name is Gráinne Mc Dermott.  I started out doing a degree in Journalism in DIT when I left secondary school but after 2 years I decided it wasn't for me.

I got a job in Eircom call centre in 2005 when I dropped out of college working on the phones dealing with customer’s queries.  I was promoted to Administrator in 2007 but didn’t feel that I could progress much further within the company so I decided that it was time to go back to college.  I felt that having done 2 years of journalism, that maybe PR would be an ideal next step.  I enrolled for a one year part-time diploma in PR with Fitzwilliam Institute Dublin in September 2008, completed course in May 2009 and received a 2nd Class Honours Diploma.  However I discovered that the events module of the PR dip was the one I most enjoyed so I enrolled for a one year part-time diploma in Event Management with European Institute of Communications Dublin in September 2009 and completed course in May 2010.

I volunteered at as many events as I could travelling around the country to do so to help me get into the Event Management field but there were little full time jobs.  Many of them were only offering unpaid or very little paid full time internships.  I could not afford to give up a well-paid secure full time job for an internship that would only last a year at the most and would still not guarantee a job.

At this stage I was very unhappy in Eircom so I applied to countless various office jobs but without any success to even an interview.

I had a serious think about my career choice and how I could succeed in getting a new job that was suited to all the skills I had accumulated from my courses or experience in Eircom.  So following a conversation with my sister who is a PA in London, I decided to enroll with Pitman Training Swords in April 2012.  Although I was promoted to Deputy Supervisor in Eircom in 2012, I still wasn’t happy in Eircom but I had to wait until I had something to show for my PA course.  Coincidently one luckily came up with a company outsourced by Eircom.  I was called for an interview which I felt went really well but unfortunately the job fell through.  

Towards the end of 2012 I started seriously applying for Secretary/PA jobs and in the space about 4 or 5 months of applying I was called for only 3 interviews.  One interview I had to cancel as they needed the person to start asap and I had to give a full month notice, one interview I felt went really well didn’t even materialise into a call back for the second interview and I didn’t know what to make of it the third interview and figured that it was good to get experience anyway but I was offered that job!!

I think that I was able to bring all the skills that I accumulated to the fore but I really do think that it was the fact that I was studying the PA Executive Diploma that really made the difference.



---Grainne McDermott ---