I finished Secondary School in 2009. I was sure I wanted to sell louboutin loafers schuhe in life, I attended two different PLC Colleges to try getting an idea of what I wanted to do with my life. While I had been studying in college, I was also working part time in retail. I would work some evenings and at the weekend. I was not happy working there and dreaded going in. I know I was lucky to have a job during the recession but I couldn’t help but resent it.

Once college was finished, I felt myself becoming more anxious of what was going to happen in life and hoped that I wouldn’t be working in retail for much longer. It was then I decided to have a look online. I was searching Medical and Legal secretary courses and that is how I stumbled across Pitman. I immediately inquired and shortly after received a call from Maria asking me to come in for a chat.

My Mam came with me to meet Maria and we were greeted with a warm welcoming atmosphere. Maria made me feel comfortable and offered a lot of support and reassurance. We were so impressed with the way Pitman was run and all the great reviews. I started about 3 weeks later.

I would go to Pitman Training Swords every Monday and Thursday and felt the modules to be so rewarding; I felt I was really learning. I loved how you could do things at your own pace. I started in August and continued working part time. Then one afternoon, I received a call from Maria informing me that a Health and Safety Company were looking for people with my skills. I was so excited and nervous about the prospects that had been put in front of me. Maria, Stasia and Paul helped me put together my CV and I got called for an interview. The very next day I was offered the Job!

I have now been working in Nifast, since January and have been made permanent. I still attend Pitman in the evenings. I could have never done it without Pitman. The support I received and still do receive is amazing. I am so happy that I found Pitman. It has done so much for me. I haven’t looked back at retail and I am in a job that I love.  

---Catherine , Swords --- Watch Video play testominial video