Lorraine Humphries

 Myself and my partner decided to immigrate to Canada in May 2011. My career history was mostly in the Hair and Beauty industry. I really wanted to completely change my career and always had an interest in been a Medical Secretary. I found it so difficult to get started without any qualifications here in Canada. I looked into studying in Toronto and all the courses were between $11,000 to $15,000 and a minimum of 9 months. I also could not work and study at the same time under my visa conditions, so I decided to travel back to Ireland to do a course. I had heard about Pitman through a friend of mine who did a course in legal secretary and she had always highly recommended it so I decided to call Maria in the Swords training centre to see what they had to offer. She told me it would be possible to finish the course in 3 months, full time.

I flew home and started with Pitman in December and gave it 100%. Thankfully I finished the end of February with the help and support of the staff at Pitman, they were very accommodating and always there to help me out and honestly could not have finished as quickly as I did without them.

When I arrived back to Canada I was afraid that the Pitman diploma would not be recognized internationally but I am now currently working as a medical receptionist in one of the main hospitals in Toronto, my only regret is not doing the course before I left Ireland in May 2011.

Thanks to all the staff at Pitman for helping me achieve my goals and finally putting me on the right track.


Lorraine Humphries

---Lorraine Humphries , Toronto-Canada from Swords ---