Lisa W.


I was made redundant from my job in August 2009 from after 17 years. At the time it suited my situation as I was expecting my third child. As the months rolled by and the baby arrived the money started to fade away very fast and to top it off in March 2010 my husband also lost his job. We were okay for a while as we had some savings. However, after our baby girls first birthday we realised that it was time to think long and hard about what and were we were going. 
As it happened, a leaflet dropped in the door which was from Pitman Training. I remembered that during my school days I trained as a secretary with Pitman Training but didn’t realise that they were still around and that they were very local to me.
After a meeting with Roy and Maria I realised that this was exactly what I wanted to up skill as and hopefully get a job at the end of the course. So in October 2010 I started my Diploma Executive PA course and as I only had a couple of hours a day/three days a week, I worked hard and ploughed through the booklets and worked my way slowly through the course.
In June 2011 I had finished all the modules and passed all the exams put before me. I received two diplomas, one as Medical Secretary and the other as Executive PA. I was over the moon as I had never achieved any qualifications before in my life and never thought I would be able to do it.
With my diplomas and a very well written CV (with the help of Roy and Maria), I started to apply for work. I applied for all the newspapers advertisements and set up alerts on the email with the likes of Irish Jobs and, I registered with Grafton and Flexsource Recruitment and searched every night on the websites for employment. It was a gruelling task and very unrewarding, as in a lot of cases I never received any responses at all. And they like best orange juicers very much.
However, during the middle of September of this year I received a phone call from Maria in Pitman Training and she wished to put me forward for a job which had become available. I jumped at the chance and now four weeks on I am in a local Health & Safety Training Consultancy working away. I am very happy with the role and it is very promising that I will be made permanent very soon. 
I never gave up trying to find work and I tried to stay positive, even when I got no replies or response with negative results.  I kept going and I got there in the end.
Throughout all the time of looking and applying for work, the Team in Pitman Training kept in touch with me and made me feel that it was very worth while to keep applying for jobs and to stay positive. Their after care service to clients is second to none. They have always been at the other end of the phone when I have questions and are always there to help in anyway they can.
I have not looked back since and will not forget the help and support of the Team in Pitman Training.

---Lisa W. , Swords ---