I had to make changes to my life. I am in my fifties and years ago I thought that life would be so different now. I have three grown up children but alas no grandchildren, yet!

My husband runs an Internet business and although I help out I thought that it would make more sense, financially, for me to be out of the home working and bringing in a wage.

The last year was taken up with my course at Pitman Training. I started with the Introduction to Office Skills Diploma. I enjoyed this so much and with the help and encouragement of all the staff at Pitman decided that I would add to these skills with the Medical Secretarial Diploma.

Being able to do this course at a pace that was comfortable to me was of great benefit. I was also able to pay for each module whenever I could afford to.

This was the best decision of my life. It has given me a purpose and goal.

I worked very hard, not only when I was in Pitman, but also at home. Having a computer and the Microsoft Office Suite at home was of great benefit and I could practice plenty and be well prepared for each exam.

I found the course to be very challenging but in a good way. Having received an overall distinction I can now feel very proud of myself and my achievements. My family have all been very supportive of me throughout and as they all have used computers for years were there on hand with lots of help and advice.

The staff at Pitman certainly know how to make you feel good about yourself and your achievements. Not only do I have my Diploma but I also got invaluable help with my CV. I would recommend Pitman Training Courses to anyone, not only for the renowned name, which I am delighted to have on my CV, but also for the dedicated team involved. Walking out of the Pitman Training Centre with your Diploma in hand is one of the best feelings in the world. I now feel so much more confident to go get that job!

---C.McCarthy , Drogheda ---