Noel McGrath

In the summer of 2009 I completed Pitman Training courses in Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications. I already had some prior knowledge and experience of these applications but completing the comprehensive and well- structured courses provided by Pitman allowed me to effectively build n this existing knowledge and move my expertise to a much higher level.  The courses have a very strong practical emphasis; the exercises are challenging and realistic and are designed to ensure that the trainee has sample opportunity to apply whatever theory has been covered, thereby supporting and strengthening the whole learning process.

In September 2009, I commenced a Higher Diploma in Business in Dundalk IT. This course placed a significant emphasis on practical assignments and presentations and there is no doubt but that my improved knowledge of theses applications, together with increasing levels of expertise in applying their many features in an effective and integrated manner, were of great advantage to me. For example, I found that my proficiency in Word enable me to develop, structure and complete a number of challenging projects in a timely manner, culminating in very professional final documents. I had to make numerous presentations to senior college staff and external bodies and I was always very confident that my delivery was supported by engaging, interesting and multimedia rich PowerPoint slides. Overall I feel that the Office applications training that I received in Pitman was very valuable and was of great practical assistance to me in achieving First Class Honours in my Higher Diploma programme. 

---Noel McGrath ---