Working With Assertiveness

Designed for:
Anyone who needs to develop a more confident or less aggressive manner when dealing with others at work or in any interpersonal dealings.


To learn to identify assertive behaviour and the benefits of being assertive. Understand when and how to use an assertive manner.

Course Content

  • Defining assertiveness: self-assessment and group participation.
  • Behaviour styles: identifying the difference between aggressive, assertive and submissive behaviour.
  • Adapting behaviour styles: stages of successful personal behaviour change and goal setting.
  • Developing an assertive attitude: handling requests, saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’, and appropriate responses in practical situations.
  • Dealing with criticism.
  • Dealing with emotive responses.
  • Language choice.
  • Body language: non-verbal communication.
  • Case studies: analysing the work place.
  • Developing a personal action plan.


  • Achieve optimum results in every interpersonal transaction thereby improving work effectiveness.
  • A wide choice of training locations offering intensive tutor led personal development training.
  • A personalised workbook with exercises, individual notes and a concise personal action plan to ensure that the skills learnt on this course will be successfully applied in the workplace.
  • The opportunity to gain a widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate.

Course duration:
1 day

What next: 
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