Supervisory Skills

Designed for:
Supervisors or managers who are newly appointed or who have had no formal training.


To establish or enhance your credibility as a supervisor and to help you get the results your team are capable of.

Course Content

  • Learning to listen properly
  • How to delegate and understanding effective delegation techniques
  • An introduction to induction and the training of new staff
  • Getting the results you know your team are capable of
  • How to motivate
  • Dealing with negative attitudes
  • To build a positive environment
  • Understanding and developing leadership skills
  • How to give and take criticism


  • Increased work effectiveness for individuals through better understanding of how to perform as a manager or supervisor in the workplace.
  • Workbook with exercises and individual notes to ensure that the skills learned on this course will be successfully applied in the workplace.
  • The opportunity to gain a widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate.

Course duration:
1 day

What next: 
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