Applying For Jobs

Designed for:
Anyone who is looking for employment.
Learn how to identify already-acquired strengths, skills and experience.  Identify ways to present these to the best advantage in written forms.  Enable delegates to create compelling CVs, application forms and covering letters.
Course Content
  • The CV.
  • Why CVs are important; employer’s needs, making the CV individual and securing the interview.
  • Achievements to date: what should be included.
  • Qualifications and experience.
  • Getting the style of your CV right: avoiding the pitfalls.
  • Researching the job: understanding the qualities required, identifying how suitable the job is for you and matching your CV to the advert.
  • Researching yourself: identifying achievements and interests, emerging patterns; highlight skills and relevant experience.
  • CV formats and styles: the chronological format, the functional CV and choice of language.
  • References.
  • Presentation: layout; detail and power words.
  • The Covering Letter.
  • The model letter: reasons for writing and persuasive writing.
  • Letter format: standard length, language and presentation.
  • Good and bad letter styles.
  • The Application Form.
  • The purpose of application forms: standard formats and easy reference.
  • Completing the form: the importance of accuracy; honesty; presentation and how to use your CV in conjunction with the application form.
Development of strong techniques in all aspects of job applications to give you the competitive edge in the job market.
A wide choice of training locations offering intensive tutor led personal development training.
A personalised workbook with exercises, individual notes and a concise personal action plan to ensure that the skills learnt on this course will be successfully applied when applying for a new job or promotion within your present employment.
The opportunity to gain a widely recognised qualification, a Pitman Training Certificate.
Course duration:
1 day
What next:
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