5 Job Search Tips That Are So Basic People Forget Them



So, you've decided to take the plunge and apply for a new job. Congratulations! But at the same time, the search can feel a little overwhelming. The internet is full of wonderful advice and tips. So much so, in fact, that the basics - the really obvious stuff - can be in danger of being overlooked. Here are five tips that are, in fact, so basic that many people forget about them completely!

One size does not fit all

So, you've spent hours crafting your CV and lining up your LinkedIn profile. A great start. But don't assume your hard work ends there! Endeavour to tailor your CV for every job application, because each job will likely be different and look for different things. It could be changing the order of your bullet points, or modifying wording to match with the job description. Which feeds into point two...

Match the job description!

Sometimes your CV, for in-demand jobs, may be screened before making it to a next stage and to give yourself the best possible chance of making it there, make it blindingly obvious why you feel you will be a good fit for the role, based on the clues your would-be employer has helpfully laid out for you in their job advert. Scan it for key words and make sure those words and skills are on your CV (provided, of course, they are truthful!)

Get online

And more specifically, get on LinkedIn if you're not already. If you are, make sure you're using it to its full potential. So many recruiters and the like comb the site for new hires so if you're not there, you're behind the 8-ball already. Need to brush up your skills? See [hyperlink to other story on website]

Be professional. Not dull.

There's no doubt that being professional is key when you're searching for a job. But don't mistake that for 'boring'. No-one gets hired just because their CV was correctly spaced or they memorised a phrase to robotically trot out at interview. Be professional, but human too. Believe us... when an interviewer has sat with dozens of candidates, they'll spot the robots a mile off. It's possible to be professional and endearing, so aim for the right balance.

Say thank you!

Imagine a scenario where two candidates have similar skills and experience and interview identically well. One sends a polite, original thank you note to the interviewer afterwards, the other doesn't bother. Who do you think would get the job offer? Sometimes the little things can make all the difference. Draft something original and genuine and that could well be the case for you!