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Your New Career Starts Here: Wednesday 15th January 2020

Find out more about the rising demand for legal secretaries and see if it could be the right career choice for you; join us at our Legal Secretary Career Open Evening on 15th January 2020 at our training centre on North Street, Swords....

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How to compare a job offer with your current job, and decide what is best for you

Just because you have opened yourself up to other offers, does not have to mean you want a new job, right? Many of us casually search just to keep an eye on what’s out there, or read recruiter messages coming through LinkedIn about ‘the perfect position for you’, but that isn’t to say you’re going to take the first shiny job offer that comes through....

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Should I quit my job without another one in place?

Leaving a job without another one to go into can be risky business, and shouldn’t be a decision made lightly. But, that said, it isn’t always ideal for you to stick around and wait for something to come up either. Or your circumstances just might not suit leaving one job and walking straight into another....

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