Word 2010 Proficient

Designed for: Those who wish to learn this popular word processing program

Pre-requisites: Familiarity with the Windows environment and basic keyboarding experience.

Objectives: To teach the Word 2010 program to an employable level and to cover part of     the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam.

Course Content

  • Lesson One – Including: Starting Word 2010, keying in text, saving a new document, editing text,navigating around a document, selecting text, accessing backstage view, printing a document, customising the Quick Access toolbar, previewing a document and using zoom facilities, minimising the ribbon, closing a document, using Word Help, exiting Word.
  •  Lesson Two – Including: opening an existing document, page breaks, different document views, creating a new blank document, showing/hiding formatting marks, formatting text including using text effects, text alignment, using the repeat faccility, clearing formatting.
  •  Lesson Three – Including: Checking spelling and grammar, using the thesaurus and research pane, translating text; line and paragraph spacing, changing margins, opening recently viewed documents, working in multiple windows, undo and redo, creating a new folder, save a file with a different name and format.
  •  Lesson Four – Including: Using AutoCorrect, building blocks, automatic date and time feature, modifying and updating a field, tabulation, including setting and removing tabulation stops, deleting building blocks and AutoCorrect entries.
  • Lesson Five – Including:  Moving text using cut and paste, duplicating text using copy and paste, using keyboard shortcuts, different paste options, using the clipboard to paste multiple items, format painter, searching for text, finding and replacing text, finding text and applying formatting, use search options in find and replace.
  •  Lesson Six – Including:  Indenting text, applying bullets to a list and changing bullet format, applying numbers to a list and changing number format, multilevel numbering, formatting numbering levels, using picture bullets, applying, formatting and selecting paragraph numbers, moving text using drag and drop, setting indents.
  •  Lesson Seven – Including:  Text flow options, managing page numbers, headers and footers, inserting and deleting section breaks, page orientation, printing selected pages, finding specific pages.
  •  Lesson Eight – Including:  Creating a table and entering details, formatting table contents, text direction, autofit, inserting/deleting and resizing rows and columns, borders/shading, merging/splitting cells, simple calculations, setting repeating headers rows, converting text into a table, sorting, table styles.
  •  Lesson Nine – Including:  Inserting and formatting WordArt objects, inserting and formatting text boxes, drawing, formatting and grouping objects, inserting and formatting clipart,  changing the page background colour, using the draw table tool, working with columns, adding a watermark.
  •  Lesson Ten – Including: Applying, modifying and creating styles, using templates, document themes, changing theme colours and fonts, saving and deleting a custom theme, saving documents in different formats.


  • Learn how to use this popular word processing program. 
  • The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace.
  • A personalised workbook to use as a reference guide on completion of the course.
  • The opportunity to gain the widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate.


    Course duration:     24 hours
  • What next:               Excel 2010