Typing - typaz professional

Designed for:

  • Those needing high proficiency at touch-typing and keyboard skills
  • Those new to touch-typing or with existing skills who want to improve


  • The course is delivered via a workbook and typaz memory stick.  A learner can use the memory stick at the training centre and also at home or work, without the need for online access.  If learning is done outside the centre, the learner will need access to a PC or Apple MAC.


  • The ability to touch type at high speed and accuracy.  Outcomes may vary dependent on the application of the individual, but words per minute of between around 40-60 words (and beyond) are achievable.  Learners achieving 60 wpm will receive a Pitman Training certificate and the BCS Level 2 Gold Award.

Course Content

  • The course comprises 10 keyboard lessons to introduce and consolidate the alpha-numeric keys.  The high-end learning material is: Keypad Lessons, Accuracy Challenge, Speed Challenge, Advanced Challenge and ‘The Planets’. The course lasts from 40 to 45 hours, although the actual course duration will vary from individual to individual, based on prior skills and application.
  • Artificial intelligence built into the software creates a learning path tailored to each individual.
  • Guidance on ergonomics and good technique.
  • Comprehensive, easy to understand accuracy and speed feedback.
  • Up to 6 exam attempts to obtain the Gold award (60 words per minute) in the BCS Level 2 e-type typing qualification. Any candidate who does not reach the Gold award during their 6 attempts may still gain the Bronze (20 wpm) or Silver (40 wpm) award and the appropriate Pitman Training certificate.


  • Flexible learning via the typaz professional memory stick.
  • Flexible, self-paced, blended learning - software; workbook and supervisor support.  These enable different learning speeds and styles and a wide choice of training locations and times
  • Improved performance for anyone using a keyboard and vital preparation for core office and word processing training.
  • The ability to type accurately at around 30-60+ words per minute.
  • The course includes a specially designed workbook to complement the software program.  It provides step-by-step learning, hands-on exercises and a future reference manual.
  • Increased likelihood of achieving the Gold award (60 WPM) of the BCS Level 2 Certificate in Touch-typing (e-type) qualification – the only typing qualification on the National Qualifications Framework (national accreditation no: 100/6028/5).  Equivalent to FETAC Level 6.
  • The opportunity to gain a Pitman Training Certificate.

Course duration:
40 to 45 hours

What next: 
Effective Business Communication
Microsoft Office Courses.

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