Typing Course - Computer Keyboard Skills

 Designed for:
Those who wish to learn to touch type accurately at approximately 20-30 words per minute.  Anyone intending to use a PC regularly.  The ability to use a Computer Keyboard speedily and accurately is a fundamental IT skill.

None – study online or at you local Pitman Training Centre
The ability to touch type accurately using a Microsoft Windows environment
Course Content:
  • Guidance on stature for PC users
  • Workbook with exercises
  • Course introduction from an on-site trainer
  • 25 units teaching and consolidating letters, numbers, capitals and punctuation
  • Accuracy and speed feedback on completion of each unit
  • Opportunity to take the Pitman Training validation test
  • Pitman Training Certificate on successful completion
  • The ability to type accurately at 20-30 words per minute
  • Increased work performance for anyone using a PC
  • Essential preparation for core office and word processing training
  • A wide choice of training locations and times, and the flexibility and value of self-study training methods that allow for different learning speeds and styles
  • A personalised workbook with hands on exercises, which complements the audio, to provide step-by-step learning and a future reference manual
  • The opportunity to gain a widely recognised qualification, a Pitman Training Certificate
Course duration:
18 to 20 hours
What next:
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