Teeline Shorthand For Beginners

Designed for:
Individuals who want core skills in a widely recognised shorthand system, including secretaries, students and journalists.


Shorthand speeds of up to 70 wpm.

Course Content

  • Introduction: The course consists of three stages which should be completed in quick succession to avoid ‘learning gaps’.
  • Stage 1: Simple introduction to Teeline; Parts 1 and 2 of a 4 part programme; training to reach 40-50 wpm with a reasonable vocabulary including two test papers.
  • Stage 2: Completes the theory of Teeline; Part 3 of the programme; training to reach 50-60 wpm including one test paper.
  • Stage 3: Speed building and vocabulary extension; Part 4 of the programme; training to reach 60-70 wpm, the examination standard and including one test paper.


  • Core secretarial skills with shorthand speeds of up to70 wpm.
  • Recommended by Teeline Education Ltd, and written by the co-author of Teeline Revised.
  • Sufficient shorthand knowledge for other examinations.
  • A wide choice of training locations and times, and the flexibility and value of self-study training methods that allow for different learning speeds and styles.
  • A personalised workbook, with glossary and hands on exercises, which complements the audio-visual materials (tapes), to provide step-by-step learning, and a future reference manual.
  • The opportunity to gain a widely recognised qualification, a Pitman Training Certificate.

Course duration:
60 Hours

What next: 
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