Meetings and Minutes


Designed for:  Individuals who need to know how to organise meetings and produce an accurate record in the form of minutes                  

Prerequisites:  Some experience of Microsoft Word 

Objectives:   To know how to plan for a meeting as well as the skills needed to become an effective minute taker and writer. 

Course Content

  • Lesson One – Including: what minutes are, the cycle of a meeting, different types of meeting, the purposes and benefits of meetings, the roles of chair, attendee and minute taker, the tasks that a minute taker might undertake before the meeting, notice of the meeting, arranging the venue and refreshments, preparing the agenda, dealing with documents that may be needed for a meeting, distributing the agenda, last minute preparations.
  • Lesson Two – Including: definition of the role of the minute taker, preparation for the start of the meeting, the four steps of listening, skills to speed up your note taking, what to note down in a meeting, the importance of the liaison between minute taker and chair, confidence, assertiveness.
  • Lesson Three – Including: grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, how to use reported speech, word processing skills, proofreading, typing up the minutes, distributing the minutes.


  •  Be able to add minute taking skills to your cv
  • The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace
  •  A workbook to use as a reference guide on completion of the course
  • The opportunity to gain the widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate
  • The opportunity to gain a Level 2 Unit qualification – Take Minutes

 Course duration:      6-8 hours