Social Media Strategy for Business

 Designed for: Those who wish to learn about Social Media Strategy for their own business or for those wishing to find work in this field. Suitable for PAs, EAs, Office Managers, Marketing Assistants, Business Development Managers as well as those involved in PR, event management and promotion

Prerequisites   :  None


Objectives    : To learn how social media can be used in business for marketing purposes

 Course Content

 This course looks at how to get the best from the social media tools in business. It contains an overview of over 15 tools that are widely used in Social Media marketing. It explores how a business should select the best combination of tools for their audience, their aims, the resources they have available and their product. A number of tools for measuring success for Social Media are also covered.

  • Module 1: - Including: What is Social Media? Why use Social Media? What worries you? What excites you? Taking a strategic approach, Reasons and aims for Social Media marketing, the impact of the type and size of the business on the methods chosen, typical audience groups, identifying the Social Media audience of a business
  • Module 2: – Including: The range of Social Media tools, Blogs, email newsletters, niche tools, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Videos, Podcasts, Forums, Social Bookmarking
  • Module 3; - Including: Content, resources, Social Media policy, risk and crisis management, measuring its success, Do's and Don'ts


  •  The flexibility and value of an online course designed to enable you to work at your own pace
  • The opportunity to gain the widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate
  • A workbook supporting this and related courses is also available for your reference

Course duration:    7 hours