Publisher 2010

Unleash your creative side with our Microsoft Publisher course. Those familiar with Microsoft Word are ideally placed to learn desktop publishing skills with our Microsoft Publisher training. Over five 2-hour lessons, we'll give you all the skills you need to use the program in the workplace - something which we believe other Microsoft Publisher courses simply can't match.

Amongst many other aspects, it covers creating text boxes, formatting, navigating multi-page publications, using rulers and ruler guides and inserting headers and footers. This is a course designed for flexible learning, which means it’s based on self-study at your own pace.

At the end of your Microsoft Publisher course, you'll have a workbook to keep as a handy reference guide - and you'll have the power of the Pitman Training name on your CV.

Once your MS Publisher training is complete, you might want to continue with a further course - in which case, we'd strongly recommend PowerPoint or you might consider seriously increasing your earning and career potential with one of our highly respected secretarial diplomas.

Designed for:

Those familiar with using Microsoft Word who want to learn desk top publishing skills using Publisher 2010.


Basic working knowledge of Windows and the Word program.


To teach desk top publishing skills using this popular publishing program.

Course Content:
  • Lesson One: Starting the program; becoming familiar with the Backstage view and the various types of publication; opening a publication design; creating and deleting text boxes; resizing and moving an object; entering text and basic formatting; opening and editing a blank publication; saving a new publication; printing a publication; closing the program.
  • Lesson Two: Navigating a multi-page publication; deleting pages in publication; selecting objects as a group; deleting grouped objects; resizing text boxes; saving a publication as a template; opening a publication based on a custom template; inserting clip art; inserting text from another program; spellchecking a publication; displaying boundaries.
  • Lesson Three: Checking page size, setup and layout; using rulers and ruler guides; using layout guides; inserting a page; applying best fit to text boxes; grouping and ungrouping objects; copying and pasting grouped objects; using print preview; knowing about advanced print options.
  • Lesson Four: Inserting headers and footers on master pages; recognising serif and sans serif font styles; adjusting the spacing between characters; changing the vertical alignment of text; changing bullet style and indentation; using format painter to copy formatting; adjusting margin sizing and spacing between lines; applying a drop capital to text; using WordArt; creating text box links; changing the order of objects; creating columns and determining gutter spacing; using tables to display text; understanding proof reading symbols.
  • Lesson Five: Applying a design to a blank publication; layering pictures; using drawing tools; changing text wrapping; cropping pictures; opening and customising a blank publication; adding an item to and deleting it from the Building Block library; adding an item from the Building Block library; setting up and using email merge; deleting a business information set.
  • Know how to use Publisher 2010 in order to create your own publications
  • The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace
  • A workbook to use as a reference guide on completion of the course
  • The opportunity to gain the widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate
  • The opportunity to gain an OCR CLAiT Plus unit qualification at Level 2
Course duration: 10-12 hours


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