Outlook 2013

Condensing a Microsoft Outlook course into twelve hours is the optimum balance of time taken and information given and that's just how we deliver our Microsoft Outlook training. Of all the Microsoft Outlook courses, we're convinced that this one is the best. In six lessons, we'll take you through everything you need to go to use Outlook as a work tool, from navigation and views through contacts and appointments to tasks and folders. This is MS Outlook training on a self-study basis, so learning is flexible to suit you. Your workbook will stay with you as a handy reminder and reference guide - and the Pitman Training name will always be on your CV as a sign of the quality of your learning.Once this course is complete, you can advance your knowledge of Office still further with our training for Excel and PowerPoint. If you’re wanting to maximise your earning and career potential, then consider also our specialist diplomas – they’re highly respected by employers.

Designed for:

Those who wish to learn this popular email, diary and calendar management program


Familiarity with Microsoft Word, ideally Word 2013

Aims and Objectives:

To teach the Outlook 2013 program to an employable level

Course Content:
  • Lesson One: Starting the Outlook 2013 program, the Outlook 2013 opening screen, using the folder pane, collapsing and expanding items, viewing messages in the inbox, previewing message attachments, changing how messages are viewed, deleting a message,  viewing the calendar, people and tasks, using the folder list, exiting the Outlook 2013 program
  • Lesson Two: Creating e-mail messages, formatting an e-mail message, using plain text format, applying a page colour, using themes, attaching a file to an e-mail message, attaching an email message to another message, creating and adding signatures, applying send options to messages, inserting a picture in a message and then applying an artistic effect, saving an attachment, using search, setting flag options, knowing how to print an email
  • Lesson Three: Creating a new contact, adding a picture to a contact, editing a contact, editing a business card, deleting a contact, sharing contact details using a business card, changing the view of contacts, knowing how to print contact information, creating a contact group
  • Lesson Four:  Creating, amending and deleting appointments, using Styles, inviting attendees to a meeting, marking an appointment as private, arranging a meeting, creating recurring appointments and multi day events, scheduling a meeting, cancelling a meeting, using search in the calendar
  • Lesson Five:  Creating tasks, marking a task as complete, assigning tasks to others, deleting a task, setting a task as recurring, knowing how to print active tasks
  • Lesson Six:  creating folders to manage your email messages, moving messages into folders, using the rules wizard to manage your email messages, restoring deleted items, permanently deleting items, how Outlook data files work, importing a contacts file into Outlook data, exporting an Outlook data file, locating Outlook options
  • Learn how to use this popular diary management program
  • The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace
  • A workbook to use as a reference guide on completion of the course
  • The opportunity to gain the widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate
Course duration: 12-14 hours


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