Meetings and Minutes

Designed for:
Individuals who are involved in organising meetings and taking minutes.

Secretarial/PA Skills.

To convey an understanding of the agenda, meeting and minute taking cycle, and to develop the role of the minute taker to work successfully with the Chairperson.

Course Content

The Agenda:
Chairperson’s Agenda

The Meeting:
Purpose and Types of Meetings
Roles and responsibilities
Preparation and Procedures
The Role of the Chairperson

The Minutes:
Function and Requirements
Preparing the Minutes
Follow-up Actions


  • Learn how to prepare for business meetings and to produce the minutes of a meeting in a one-day instructor led environment.
  • A workbook to use as a reference guide on completion of the course.
  • The opportunity to gain a Pitman Training Certificate.

Course duration:
1 day

What next: 
The Executive Secretary / PA Seminar