Executive PA - Seminar

Designed for:
Those who have recently been promoted to the role of PA or who wish to progress to a more senior level in the future

IT and secretarial skills.

To understand the role of the Executive PA, how to manage situations and communicate effectively

Course Content

  • Identify the key areas for development in this job role, thus increasing the contribution made to the company
  • Managing your boss successfully:  making relationships work; and the importance of communication
  • Developing personal management skills:  prioritising tasks; understanding time management; delegating successfully; problem solving
  • Effective communication:  learning how to be assertive and stay in control; using the telephone effectively
  • Preparing and giving a presentation
  • Creating a good first impression
  • Becoming business aware
  • Developing a personal action plan


  • Learn how to take on the role and responsibilities of an Executive PA
  • Increased work effectiveness for individuals through better understanding and application of the key responsibilities involved in this job role
  • A workbook with exercises, individual notes, reference material and a personal action plan to ensure that the skills learnt on this course will be successfully applied in the workplace
  • The opportunity to gain a Pitman Training course completed certificate

Course duration:
1 or 2 Days

What next: 
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