Why You Should Never Stop Learning In Your Career



It’s easy after many years in an industry to feel like there’s nothing left to learn, and you have reached the peak of your career. But there are several reasons why you should never stop learning, no matter what stage your career has reached.

For starters, the satisfaction and passion that comes from constantly learning new skills and knowledge will disappear if you stop. You might not feel the effect at first, but you’ll soon start to feel bored in your role, and the job satisfaction that once made you feel love for your role will be gone. Our professional brains need to be constantly challenged and stretched in order to feel satisfied.

Another reason to never stop learning is that the industry around you is constantly changing and evolving, and to keep up you need to be learning how to adapt to these changes and stay ahead of the curve. The best in any field are the ones who are able to be agile; who adapt quickly to change and even embrace it, seek it out and ride the wave as it builds.

So how can you continue learning in your career?

Decide what you do and don’t know

Nobody is perfect, and no-one knows everything about everything. The question is, what areas of your own personal skills and knowledge do you want to develop? What areas peak your interest?

It’s important to choose something that sparks your curiosity – if you’re going to invest time and effort into learning, you need to be at least interested in the subject so it isn’t laborious and unfulfilling.

If you’re not sure where to begin, start to read more often and more broadly. Try following blogs related to your industry and business in general, and you’ll start to find topics that peak your interest more than others. This will lead you on what to learn.

Ask your employer for support

Many companies support continuous learning and development of their employees, whether that’s through company-led development programmes or funding for external courses and training.  Speak to your manager or HR department about what support is available for personal development and learning, you might be surprised to find just how much there is!

Push yourself to learn more at work

Courses and training aren’t the only ways your employer can support your learning. There is much to be learnt from simply joining in projects or taking on new responsibilities that you wouldn’t normally get involved in. These opportunities challenge you in new ways, forcing you to adapt your existing understanding and seek to learn new skills and knowledge to help you fulfil new tasks.

There’s also the potential to ask those around you with more senior experience for support and mentorship. Reach out to someone in a more senior role than your own and offer to buy them a coffee in exchange for them sharing their knowledge and expertise with you, and offering advice on how you can develop.