How to increase your job security during the pandemic



This year, it feels as though almost nothing can be taken for granted anymore, and that includes your job along with everything else. Of course, we all need to earn to survive, and this means that you should always do everything that you can to increase your job security where possible. We have put together a list of things you can do to help with this.

Be flexible and adaptable

Times have changed, and unless we can adapt to the changes as they come, we may struggle to thrive. In your job role, you may find that you need to take on different tasks as the situation demands them, you may need to communicate in different ways, and you may need to increase your professional responsibilities within the team. If you continuously show yourself to be a person who is not afraid to adapt when needed, you are making yourself much more secure within the business in the long term.

Innovate using your own intuition

Nobody has all of the answers at the moment, not even our managers, which means that looking to them for guidance as we might normally may not bring the answers that we need. Instead, you should try your best to come up with solutions to match situations as they arise. This is a skill that is hugely valuable within any company, as it means that managers will feel their pressure being reduced, and the knowledge that it is you who has helped the most will help to secure your position.

Be proactive

It can be easy to get side-tracked in many ways at work, and this is even more likely to be the case if you’re one of the many people who has been working from home during the pandemic. However, with regards to job security, it is much better to allow your management to see that you’re the kind of person who can simply get things done. So, no matter what kind of task might have been set for you, your mindset should always be to get it done sooner rather than later. That way, you will be viewed as a much more productive and proactive member of the team.

Network where possible

Communication has always been a key part of business, however this is even more important at the moment, as interaction between people in similar businesses can be valuable both as a business and a social tool. Regardless of whether you’re hoping for new business opportunities in the future, networking is always important, and having key contacts in the industry will be important both for yourself as a professional and also for your company.

Be a people person

Having a business head is all well and good, but in these times it’s also important to know how people feel, and what they want. This kind of empathy can be very important within the business world, as it can help you to tell when perhaps your colleagues may be struggling, and this will allow you to reach out and offer them the help that they need. A member of the team who is willing to be emotionally involved is always valuable, as they can help the rest of the team on a personal level as well as from a business perspective.