How to best utilise remote meetings



Since the start of the Coronavirus crisis, meetings face to face have quickly become a thing of the past. Luckily, thanks to the options that modern technology provides us with, it is still absolutely possible to hold a meeting with another group of people via the internet. These meetings have been used heavily to help companies, families and groups of friends to keep in touch with each other through these difficult times, and by using the tips that we have provided below, you can be sure to make the most of meetings when the opportunity arises.

Choose your platform based on your meeting group

Each meeting will have its own needs, and this means that the platform that you choose to hold your meeting on needs to be suitable for the purpose of the meeting. There are different advantages to each of the available platforms, such as Skype allowing participants from all over the world, Kato allowing you to share your screen with others in the meeting, and Google Hangouts allowing you to sync with your Google Calendar – making availability very easy to check. Of course, the choice that you make regarding the platform will depend on your individual needs, but taking the time to consider this is more than worth it.

Check that the time is suitable for everyone

The lockdown has changed people’s lives in many ways, and this means that they might no longer automatically be available during normal ‘working hours’. Some might have to home-school their children, or help relatives with shopping or other tasks, and this means that their schedule will have changed a little. It is important that you take this into account when planning your meeting, as you need to ensure that you hold your meeting when everyone is able to attend while being sensitive to their other commitments.

Introduce everyone at the start of your meeting

If you’re holding a meeting with a group of people who didn’t work together every day before the lockdown, you shouldn’t simply assume that they know each other. As the meeting host, it is your responsibility to introduce everyone to each other. A quick introduction including their name, job role and relevance to the meeting is more than enough to put everyone at ease, and this means that everyone will be more comfortable talking to each of the other people in the meeting, while having the confidence that they understand everyone’s roles in what you’re trying to achieve.

Ask everyone what they thought of your meeting

Some meetings go really well, and others don’t go quite so well. Although there can always be teething problems as everyone gets used to talking to each other on the new platform, most issues can be fixed. Asking everyone who attended the meeting for some feedback via email afterwards is a great idea, as this gives you the chance to work out what needs to be changed for next time. This way, you can be sure that your future meetings will run more smoothly, and be as productive as possible.