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Gemma's Confidence Was Low, Now She's A Trained Legal Secretary... What's Stopping You?
Gemma had very low confidence and was stuck in a dead-end job. She felt trapped by her lack of qualifications but couldn’t afford to go back to university. Her job offered no opportunity for progression and she felt very unhappy in her work. But she felt she had no options, she felt trapped....
Kim Had No Qualifications, Now She's Working In The Public Sector... What's Stopping You?
When Kim left school, she didn’t want to continue in education or pursue a university degree, she wanted to start earning. She jumped straight into a career in retail. But as time went on, working behind the counter of a pharmacy just wasn’t satisfying her. It meant working shifts and most weekends, which interfered with her family life after she had children....
Tonya Bounced Back From Redundancy Fast With The Help Of Career Training... What's Stopping You?
When Tonya was made redundant, she felt lost. After working in the banking sector for the majority of her working life, it knocked her confidence when she found herself being faced with a loss of employment at the beginning of 2016. However, being made redundant worked in Tonya’s favour, as it spurred her on to start afresh and retrain in a completely new career....
Victoria Fitted Study Around Her Family... What's Stopping You?
Victoria thought that when she wanted to return to work after being a stay at home Mum for 6 years, she wouldn’t have time to upskill or retrain. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as Victoria found when she decided to make a fresh start in her career and began her Pitman Training Diploma to become a Medical Secretary....
5 Mistakes You are Making On Your LinkedIn Profile
When you are searching for a new job, LinkedIn is a great tool to help get yourself noticed by the right people. However...............
Pitman Training Team Up With Digital Marketing Institute To Provide New Digital Marketing Course
With an increased demand for digital talent and an increasing skills gap, Pitman Training and the Digital Marketing Institute have identified a need for digital-focused career training. That’s why they have teamed up to create the Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing, a brand new qualification for professionals looking to pursue a digital-focus career....
Prepare your Facebook profile for a job search
Facebook is useful for keeping up with old friends and passing the time with endless videos of funny cats, but did you know it's also an increasingly useful way to search for your new career?...
Should I quit finding a new job?
Answering these questions will generally give you an indication whether quitting immediately is right for you, or not....
7 ways to stay positive during your job search
Looking for a new job can be an incredibly exciting experience, or it could turn out to be one of the most frustrating periods of your life. The trick, of course, is to stay positive, although that's often easier said than done. So, here are some tips to help!...
Becoming a Secretary or Personal Assistant in 2017
The secretary and personal assistant roles are vital to the running of any company. They are the foundations of the office team. Helping to keep the business running smoothly, the secretary or PA play an exciting role in the team....
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