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5 questions to ask yourself about a potential employer
Here are 5 top questions to ask to make sure a potential employer and job role is the right fit for you...
Managing stress: Be mindful of your mental health
Mental health issues affect everyone; including you and me. And one of the common causes of mental health issues, however impactful, is a stressful work life....
How to turn down a job offer
It is not something that happens often, but there are occasions when you might find yourself actually wanting to turn down a job that you have applied for!...
Should I quit finding a new job?
Answering these questions will generally give you an indication whether quitting immediately is right for you, or not....
7 ways to stay positive during your job search
Looking for a new job can be an incredibly exciting experience, or it could turn out to be one of the most frustrating periods of your life. The trick, of course, is to stay positive, although that's often easier said than done. So, here are some tips to help!...
Becoming a Secretary or Personal Assistant in 2017
The secretary and personal assistant roles are vital to the running of any company. They are the foundations of the office team. Helping to keep the business running smoothly, the secretary or PA play an exciting role in the team....
Student of the Year award 2016
Fiona Masterson, legal secretary and Pitman Training Swords student, has been shortlisted for the Pitman Training Ireland Student of the Year award....
Becoming a Medical Secretary in 2017
The Medical Secretary role is an exciting and challenging role, and is often a next step for someone with previous experience as a secretary or in a similar admin role. So what exactly does a Medical Secretary do?...
Considering a career as a Medical Secretary? Here is a date for your diary.
Attending Our Medical Secretary Open Evening?...
The Evolving Role of Legal Secretaries And Admin Assistants
With advancements in technology and changing expectations of legal clients evolving, so has the legal secretary and other legal adminstration roles...
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