Microsoft Office Plus Diploma

Make Microsoft your career with a Pitman Training Microsoft Office Plus Diploma.

The use of technology is paramount to the efficiency and effectiveness of a business and having the right staff with the right skills ensures the business is able to meet their objectives. Therefore, a total command of Microsoft’s universally accepted software is crucial; yet only a few take the time to learn it thoroughly and benefit from its full functionality.

This Diploma course will give you both increased satisfaction and job prospects. Whether you have a little familiarity with some of the programs already, or are coming to them completely new, the values of learning how to use and control Microsoft applications properly is a skill that will last and with expertise in these packages, you will soon become a valuable asset to any employer.

What’s more, it could increase your earnings potential and enhance your career prospects in today's competitive job market.

Learning Microsoft Office skills is easy with Pitman Training. Our tried and trusted methods are the best available. You will work at your own pace in our comfortable premises, helped by experienced tutors as required. You choose your own hours and keep the reference materials when the course is over. On completion, you will receive a Pitman Training Diploma that is recognised nationally and internationally by employers. Successful completion of this diploma will enable students to continue their studies to become Microsoft certified.

Believe in yourself and invest in your future!

Core Subjects :

Microsoft Word

Learn word processing skills to a good business standard. This will enable you to create professional looking documents, produce tables, insert pictures and much more.

Microsoft Excel

Learn spreadsheet skills to a good business standard. This course will enable you to create a spreadsheet, enter data, formulas and functions; create charts and more.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Gain competency in creating slide presentations. Areas covered include formatting, inserting tables, pictures, sound and hyperlinks; applying transition and timing effects.

Microsoft Outlook

Learn how to share, manage and schedule information electronically. Covers the use of email, electronic calendar, scheduling meetings and appointments, creating and assigning tasks; creating address lists.

Microsoft Access

Develop database skills from initial design stage. Covers the creation of tables, reports, queries and forms, relationships, wizards and more.

Elective Subjects - Choose TWO

(Recommended Courses)

Microsoft Office:

   Word Expert

   Excel Expert


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