Office and Secretarial Courses

Our range of secretarial courses will provide you with the skills needed to work as a secretary across multiple sectors, and provide accurate outputs with ease.

Secretarial courses have always been a core focus at Pitman Training and they remain so, and as technology has progressed, so too have our courses, to enable more flexible ways of learning. Employers value the Pitman Training Secretarial certification - we have many happy students now in employment who can tell you so.

Whatever industry you want to build a career in, secretarial skills will be an asset, whether you’re looking for a career as an Executive Secretary, Personal Assistant (PA), Office Manager, or you’d just like to build your own administration skills as you build up your own business.

Often a secretarial position can be a stepping stone to other roles within an organisation, so it’s also worth considering this when looking to move up your career ladder.

Secretarial and administrative skill requirements do change as technology and office environments progress, so it’s important to keep abreast of best practice and latest development. Our courses are regularly updated to ensure you will be current and up to date with your knowledge. We offer our students the opportunity to gain practical, hands on experience throughout their studies, to ensure they are armed with top-level Secretarial and Administration skills.

Whether you are a new or experienced secretary, professional development is key to enhancing your career. Our Secretarial course range is sure to provide you with methods which will increase your productivity and overall output.

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